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Wallace calls on players to stand up and take responsibility


PORT-OF-SPAIN: Former West Indies opener Philo Wallace is a crest-fallen man these days after looking at the West Indies performances at the senior and junior levels.  Wallace said that the regional players have to stand up and take responsibility for their performances and stop blaming Cricket West Indies (CWI). “Come on man when we played for the West Indies we did not get compensated anywhere close to what these guys are making now and look what they are putting out. Don’t get me wrong I think players deserved to be paid well but they must also work for the money. Everything they blame CWI for and the regional board in my opinion has been doing well to provide them with all that they need to succeed. They even got an increase in pay recently and this has not come with an improved performance. Normally you get a raise when you perform well but our teams have not been performing well and they have been given a raise. I didn’t hear anyone say thank you to CWI for this gesture which I think is kind because of what these players have put out.” Wallace thinks that commitment to the West Indies cause is lacking :”We need greater commitment. I see men from Australia missing IPL to go on A Team tours and this caught my attention. Our players are the only one that is going all around the world to play these T20 leagues and the Windies have to do without them. Every corner of the world there is a T20 league they find themselves there and the Windies must continue to pick second string teams to represent the region. “To be honest I am sick and tired of what I am seeing and all they do is blame Dave Cameron and company. The players are the ones who have to answer at the moment because Cameron and the board has shown that they are bringing stability to the administration of the game in the Caribbean.” Wallace also said that regional leaders have not been saying anything on the poor performances of the players but they are ready to attack when the players have a fight with the board.

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