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TTCB hosts ‘special’ meeting tomorrow

The T&T Cricket Board (TTCB) will host a special meeting tomorrow evening at 5pm at the National Cricket Centre Balmain, Couva to discuss resolutions as far as the ongoing Judicial Review matter is concerned.

Currently before the courts is a matter between the TTCB and the National League Reps who are seeking to have the constitution of the board, which they term ‘unfair’ changed.
Former national player cum attorney Zaheer Ali has been charged with the responsibility of bringing a resolution forward for discussion. Ali said yesterday :”I write to you in my capacity as a Nominated Member of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board hereinafter referred to as ‘TTCB’ and on behalf of the South East Zonal Council, East Zonal Council, North East Zonal Council, Central Zonal Council and the Umpires Council to formally notify you of a ‘TTCB Special General Meeting’.
“This Special General Meeting has become necessary to highlight and advance several agreed resolutions pertaining to the ongoing Judicial Review matter and related matters in the best interest of the sport, members and all other stakeholders’ including the public, considering that the matter has been postponed to 4th December, 2017 without an amicable solution or a final declaration/ direction of the court without prejudice to the Court. 
“This resolutions paper is not intended in any way to prejudice the rights of the parties in pursuing the ongoing Judicial Review matter or to place an obligation on the parties to participate in the Special General Meeting but to pave the way for the parties to consider and possibly enter into meaningful and amicable discussions or to explore Alternative Dispute Resolutions methods with a view of settlement or resolution of the matters in issue between the parties.
“I wish to indicate that as members of the ‘TTCB’ we have a duty to act in the best interest of the ‘TTCB’ and the public at all times and especially in the present situation which accounts for our actions.”

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