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Trinidad MP calls of regional Gov’t to partner with CWI


PORT-OF-SPAIN: Member of Parliament for Oropouche East Dr. Roodlal Moonilal has criticised the government for not ensuring that Women’s World Cup matches will be coming to these shores.
He made the comment while delivering the feature address at the Southern Sports prize giving ceremony on Saturday night in Debe, South Trinidad. According to Moonilal for the sport of cricket to be revived everyone has to be on board and partner with Cricket West Indies (CWI) :”Ask yourself what can leagues like this do to help in the resurrection of West Indies cricket. Every young man going out there to play cricket should understand the history of the sport and work diligently to reach the top and help our regional team.
“We need greater participation, so that the cricket board can have a larger number of cricketers to call upon. This league has given the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board a total of over 500 cricketers to take notice off. In order to get West Indies cricket back to the top, we need everyone to make a contribution.
“Even the regional governments must be involved in assisting the sport that has put us on the world map. Recently there was an opportunity for the government of Trinidad and Tobago to show some faith and belief in our women cricketers by making a bid that would have cost just $1M to have World Cup matches here and they just showed that they didn’t care. Dr. Rowley was very vocal on the administration of West Indies cricket but when he gets an opportunity to come on board and assist he refuses. Imagine how many young women would have been inspired by seeing the best women cricketers in the world play right here in their backyards.”
The T&T government did not give CWI the required guarantees when a bid to host matches was sent in by the T&T Cricket Board (TTCB). This has led to this country being by-passed for matches during the premier women’s cricket event.
Moonilal also touched on crime saying :”Sport is an alternative to crime and you are lucky because the organisers here are providing that opportunity for you to showcase your skills. It is here where it all starts at the minor league level. You get a look in here and once you grab it with both hands then you can progress to another level, all the while staying away from idle company.
“In the days gone by Brian Lara, Sir Viv Richards and closer to home Darren Ganga would have all started off their careers in leagues like this. You are at that stage now, so you want to make full use and move to the next level. Club life leads to character building so the young men and women who are playing team sport like cricket, are churned out as good citizens.”

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