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Qureshi gets honourary doctorate

Mahammad Qureshi collects his doctorate from an official of Teamwork International Sports Research Institute.

Businessman and cricket administrator Mahammad Qureshi has been conferred with an honourary doctorate by Teamwork International Sports Research Institute.

The Pakistani national now resident in America was given the status based on a recommendation from the Graduate Committee. He was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Sports Management. This award was presented to Qureshi on November 30, 2011 at Kissimmee.

Qureshi is chairman of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) a body that develops cricket in America with nine regions. CCUSA runs the only ICC sanctioned T20 tournament in North America and this is the popular US Open that has been around since 2009. Qureshi has been involved in the very fabric of cricket in the United States, since moving to this country and even managed the US National team in 2001 during World Cup qualifiers in Canada.

Today, the cricketing tradition in his family continues, as his second son Zishawn Qureshi has been chosen by the Guyana Amazon Warriors to play in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL).

Qureshi continues to develop cricket in the United States, through the US Cricket Academy which is held at his personal cricket ground, called the BRCC at Boca. He has invested heavily into the cricket and to date has spent over US$18M on cricket, from building grounds, to hosting cricket tournaments, as well assisting cricket clubs and leagues started.

Qureshi made a name for himself in business world before moving heavily into cricket administration. He used the tremendous experience gained from his years in business, to develop a very solidly run organisation called CCUSA. With all the problems in US cricket, CCUSA remains the saving grace and a number of cricketers are now leaning towards the association with the hope that they can present them with hope for the future.

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