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Lara elated over opening of his stadium

Prime Minister of the Republic of T&T, Dr. Keith Rowley says he is looking forward to see records broken at the Brian Lara Stadium in the future.
He made the comments at the official opening of the stadium on Friday night at Tarouba.
According to Rowley :”It is a pleasure to be here at the opening of this stadium as we honour the royalty of cricket to Trinidad and the Caribbean Brian Lara. There is a lot that can be said about this stadium but we look forward with eager anticipation to the games that will be played here, the youngsters who will nurtured and trained here and who would break records here. The exercise didn’t go smoothly but thank God this project is finished and we are about to begin with the first ball being bowled here.
“This is not another cricket ground it is a cricket academy. We have issues at the top of the game but don’t let that affect the rest of the game. We go forward knowing that this thing called West Indies cricket will go on forever because it means so much to people in Trinidad and Tobago and the West Indies.
Rowley ended by saying :“A man hit a ball in Antigua and it not only landed at the Brian Lara Promenade but also in Tarouba.”  
The man of the moment Lara was happy to have yet another momentous day in his life. “I said what I had to say about this particular stadium. I think that I had to get that out early . I am grateful to the almighty for giving me yet another momentous moment in my life.”
Lara was thankful that the weather which was bleak all day gave way to a great evening :”We have some blessings from above with good weather, some for the farmers and some for the cricketers.
“This may have taken 13 years to complete but it has and is here to stay. I have this picture in my head with parents parked outside to collect their kids from this academy. I can’t wait to be far off somewhere only to turn the tv on and hear glowing comments about this venue.”
Newly appointed chairman of SPORTT, Dinanath Ramnarine said :”It is great to be a part of the dawn of a new era of cricket in this country both academic and practical. It is the beginning of a bright new day for our cricket not only for our country but the West Indies.

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