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Lara Academy to hosts CPL final


The Honourable Darryl Smith, Minister of Sport & Youth Affairs greets Mrs. Natalie Black-O’Connor, Branding & Hospitality Manager at CPL

The Brian Lara Cricket Academy in Tarouba will host the playoff and final match of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) come September. The news was announced today by the Honourable Darryl Smith, Minister of Sport & Youth Affairs, who mentioned in May this year that the facility was being considered as a potential venue. 
At the opening of the venue, the Honourable Dr Keith Rowley, Prime Minister indicated that the facility was part of the country’s renewed drive at sport tourism. Describing the Academy as a showpiece for cricket, Prime Minister Rowley fully endorsed the promotion of the business of sport through tourism that would bring events and visitors to our shores and with them valuable foreign exchange. 
Meanwhile, Minister Smith expressed his satisfaction that the Academy been selected for the 5th season finale of the exciting regional tournament saying, “What better tribute could we ask for the Academy’s namesake and the cricket loving citizens of Trinidad & Tobago? The CPL has become a true spectacle for the game and is enjoyed by cricket lovers across the Caribbean and the world. When the CPL officials visited last month and discussions began, I was quietly confident. We will ensure that it will be one of the best finals in the tournament’s history.”
The last time Trinidad and Tobago hosted the Finals was in 2015 at the Queen’s Park Oval at a cost of $3.5M USD eqvilant to $24.5m TTD to taxpayers. Minister Smith worked very closely with Sports Ambassador Brian Lara to negotiate the $1m USD bid and thanked him for his assistance. Apart from saving our country $2.5M USD ($17.5 M TTD) from the last time it was hosted in Trinidad in 2015,  what is even better is that the $1M USD will actually be paid in TT dollars, the equivalent being $6.7 M TTD which saves on our limited foreign exchange. The icing on the cake is that 50% ($3.35m TTD) will be paid in kind including a waiver on the cost of the rental of the Brian Lara Cricket Academy, ground transport from PTSC, Police, Fire, hotel accommodation, etc. The other half will be paid in cash. 
The Playoff and Eliminator matches will be played from 5-7 September while the Final takes place on 9 September

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