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Jack gives Cameron his jacket 

CWI president Dave Cameron comes in for high praise, as top players like Chris Gayle will be back in maroon.


Former FIFA vice-president Austin Jack Warner has come out in praise of Cricket West Indies (CWI) president Dave Cameron after the eligibility rules for players has been relaxed.

Recently CWI decided to give amnesty to those players who have missed regional competition and has paved the way for them to represent the region at the highest level. this found favour with Warner who said :”West Indies cricket is on the march again and for this Cricket West Indies should be applauded for their most progressive stance in abandoning their former archaic policies, which denied our best players the opportunity to represent us.

“Fans had become frustrated with our team’s performance and we were well aware the best of the West Indies were not representing us. Cricket West Indies however, has finally come to realise the importance of West Indies cricket to the region and the far greater importance in recapturing the greatness of past teams to leave for generations to come a strong legacy of whom we are.

“This is an important move because success on the field begins with the right mental attitude not only among the players but also with the administration of the game.”

Warner also spoke of the importance of having batsman Darren Bravo back in the side :”Such a shift was further magnified in the unconditional apologies of both the president of CWI and West Indies star Darren Bravo. Bravo too has been cleared to play for the West Indies with immediate effect. 

“The quiet deliberations over the past few days have demonstrated a level of maturity the fans have been begging for over the past few years, so that the glory of West Indies cricket can be restored. It has now happened and we are elated. I am sure the region is celebrating and fans are ready to fill their cricket stadia and stand behind a West Indies cricket team that can make us proud again.”

Warner a top administrator in his day ended by saying :”This is a watershed moment for us in the West Indies and we have every right to be proud. We all cuss Cameron and CWI when we think they are deserving of it but not today. Applause and a standing ovation should be given to CWI for this progressive step that has come sooner rather than later.”


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