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Indian professor agrees with tough approach


Veteran Indian commentator and professor Ravi Chaturvedi says he likes the stance taken by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) in terms of discipline and this he says will pay off in the long run.

The 80-year old was part of the commentary team during the first two ODIs in Trinidad and said discipline is one of the factors that is needed, in order to take West Indies back into the mix with the big teams. The Delhi resident making his 6th trip to the Caribbean to commentate on cricket said :”I have very close ties to West Indies cricket and this has been the case since the 1970s and it hurts to see what has happen to a once great team. In fact the heights reached by the West Indies great teams is yet to be matched in my estimation. They whipped people but the manner was so severe, it showed their tremendous ability and the gap between them and other teams. In fact the West Indies team back in the day could have fielded two teams and still be number one and two.

“I noticed after the Sir Clive Lloyd and Sir Vivian Richards era, indiscipline started to creep into West Indies cricket and today I am glad that the present administration is serious about putting a stop to it. Respect must be shown to authority and some of your players seem bigger than the game. Anytime that happens, destruction follows. This fellow Dave Cameron as president seem not to be interested in being popular but pulling this team out of the rot them have found themselves in off the field. He has taken a hardline approach and people need to understand that in order to get back on track, though measures are needed.”

Chaturvedi who has written 15 books on cricket said young batsman Darren Bravo needs to understand the error of his ways, in order to get back on the park. “I see Bravo is saying that no one asked him if he put up the tweet against the president. Well if it wasn’t him I find it silly that it is still up on his account. He needs to remove it, if that is the case.

“I can tell you something, if the tweet was put up by him, it is very unfortunate and he would not have survived in many associations have attempted to publicly embarrass the head of the organisation.

“I hope that the board continues with the approach taken and other players fall into line as well. Also, the board must put in place a ‘social media’ policy so that players can be guided.”

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