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CWI steps up the game with new scoring system


Cricket West Indies (CWI) continues to move in the direction of cricket fans and has now gone one step further in providing them with real time information when matches are played.

Fans logging on to can now go to the match centre and get ‘live’ ball by ball scoring updates. These updates also come with commentary which adds to the production and makes it very easy to follow the fortunes of the team. One fan from St. Lucia, Sunil Ramdeen was very upbeat about this feature and is looking forward to more from CWI when the regional cricket series begins in November. “I was really surprised at what I saw on the website. The match information centre was really thorough and this was refreshing indeed. I look to follow cricket all over the world, so I am a regular visitor to cricket websites especially those that belong to the national bodies running the sport. I must say that the new website the board has now is really in tune and even better than some of the other countries, especially in the section where we can get live updates. I would normally go to the cricinfo for my updates but since discovering this section during the first match of the West Indies versus Afghanistan series, I started using it.”

Ramdeen, who is the regional director in charge of Public Relations for Sandals added :”We were at the Sandals Box taking in the match in St. Lucia against Afghanistan and when I realised what was going on, I told the guys there and they started to follow the updates, while looking on at the match. The system was speedy and accurate and this helped us follow the game in terms of the stats, as it went along.

“Now, CWI must give us this kind of service for the regional matches because they need to understand that for the regional games we don’t have television coverage and recently even no radio coverage. So this will be helpful when the regional matches come around.”

Ramdeen ended by saying he is happy with the direction CWI is moving in and he is optimistic for the future :”After all the problems in our cricket, I am seeing not just a levelling off but an upward movement in terms of the administration of our cricket. Look, let’s be fair, the board has had so many issues to deal with, it was always going to be difficult to get into the right direction having to move with all this baggage.

“I am happy to see that positive things are now coming on stream and I think it all started when the board revealed that they were financially much better off than years ago. This is another plus under the leadership of Dave Cameron as president because it showed that they had the skill even in difficult times to take the board out of rough waters.”

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