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CCUSA says Cameron will bring financial stability

Cricket Council USA has sent out congratulations to re-elected president of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), Dave Cameron on his recent re-election as president of the board and adds that he is the right man in the current climate to bring about financial stability at the regional organisation.
Cameron and Emmanuel Nanthan were elected President and Vice President respectively, of the West Indies Cricket Board on Sunday, March 26. The unanimous decision was taken by all 12 of the cricket delegates of the region. Cameron and Nanthan were the only two nominees for the posts this time around.
The pair were first elected on March 27, 2013 and at that time they had opponents. Four years and two elections later, the team has managed to make some strategic changes and adjustments. Among them, one of the most important was maintaining a surplus for two consecutive years – the year which ended September 30, 2015, the board reduced its accumulated deficit and ended with a surplus of US3.4 million. Last year, a surplus of US$3.5 million was achieved with an accumulated surplus of US$1.578 million.
CCUSA president Mahammad Qureshi said that Cameron has been doing a good job in the region and he was not surprised by his re-election. “Dave has been doing a good job and you can see that by the financial improvement over the last two years. He is a good businessman and with sports being big business these days, it is good that he is in charge of the affairs of West Indies cricket yet again.
“He was our ‘chief guest’ at the 2016 US Open and I am excited by the fact that with him having been here and looking at our set-up, he understands our vision and would be willing to work with us for the betterment of US cricket.”
Cameron noted in his report to the Annual General Meeting that “we cannot over emphasize the need for financial stability in cricket, as without that kind of stability, all the other development plans cannot occur.” The President added that despite the tighter financial management “the board has invested in more development tours and the addition of the A Team tours is an example.”
Another important achievement is the fact that the WICB has managed to achieve best practices by producing audited reports within the given time for the past three financial years. The President praised the Audit Risk and Compliance and the Finance Committees for the tidy work they have done throughout the period.


CAPTION: WICB president Dave Cameron and CCUSA chairman Mahammad Qureshi with the winning US All Stars team at the 2016 US Open.

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