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Bravo needs to come back…

Ingrid Allyene outside Kensington Oval yesterday making a call for unity in West Indies cricket.
Sit down over a bowl of callaloo and talk
She would religiously show up at any match played at Kensington Oval hoping that one day she can leave the mecca of regional cricket with a smile on her face. Ingrid Alleyne clutched onto her cricket book as she made her way to Kensington Oval.
Having been a regular visitor to Kensington Oval for over a decade Alleyne says that all she wants is for a turnaround in West Indies cricket but she warns that all must come on board for this to happen.
“I am always here, people know that not to call me when there is cricket at Kensington Oval. If they need to find me they can come to the Oval because I am not leaving the cricket. I was very happy to see Roston Chase make a century on the opening day against Pakistan because it showed we had fight. I would not want our boys to give away this Test to Pakistan because my records tell me that they have never beaten us here in a Test match.”
Affectionately called ‘Lady Lara’, Alleyne says he is praying for the return of Trinidadian batsman Darren Bravo to the West Indies fold. “I have a sweet spot for Darren Bravo because he reminds me a lot of Brian Lara. Everyone knows that I think Lara is the greatest thing but this man reminds me a lot of him.
“I am never one to make out of place comments I just try to look at the positive but must add that I am a bit worried that he may never play for West Indies again. I have been following what is going on with the situation concerning him and I am making a call to my people to please let’s put this behind us and move on. We are a reasonable people and I don’t think that anything is beyond working through. Let’s have a conversation gentlemen. You all can sit down in an amicable environment and enjoy a meal and speak about the situation and look to resolve it. Nothing is too hard when you sit in good faith and have like a bowl of callaloo and be friendly. We are one people and we must show the world that we can take care of our business and not provide them with entertainment off the field.”

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