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Ali looks at options for TTCB

Former cricketer turned attorney Zaheer Ali says that given the fact that the T&T Cricket Board (TTCB) Special meeting didn’t bring a resolution pertaining to the ongoing Judicial Review matter, he will look to find other avenues to bring the matter to an amicable end.

The TTCB called special meeting to deal with the matter, after Ali came up with a proposal that he thought can lead to a resolution of the Judicial Review matter. The National League Representatives took the TTCB to court last year seeking Judicial Review of the constitution. The matter has been called a couple times and the next date for hearing is December 4.

Ali in a press release yesterday stated :”I would like to categorically state that the ‘resolutions paper # 1/2017’ was not intended in any way to prejudice the rights of the parties in pursuing the ongoing Judicial Review matter or to place an obligation on the parties to participate in the Meeting but it was intended to pave the way for the parties to consider and possibly enter into meaningful and amicable discussions or to explore Alternative Dispute Resolutions methods with a view of settlement or resolution of the matters in issue between the parties in keeping with the Civil Proceedings Rules 1998, Good Corporate Governance Principles and Good Administration among others.

“Seeing that the NLR on the day of the ‘Meeting’ released a statement part of which was that “their presence at the meeting was for the purpose of general attendance and not for active participation, it leaves me to wonder if this serves the best interest of the sport, members, and the public.

“in the circumstances, I am forced to seek further legal advice in an effort to explore other legal and viable options in this matter in the interest of the sport, members and all other stakeholders and especially with the developments. 

“I urge all interested parties and members of the public to communicate with me because I am very interested in your opinions and views as it relates to this very important matter and what has transpired thus far.”

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