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​Qureshi honoured again by US Cricket Hall of Fame

Chairman of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mahammad Qureshi is yet again hitting the headlines in the United States, when it comes to cricket, this time being honoured by the US Cricket Hall of Fame for his work in the sport.

Qureshi, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011 recently attended the 36th Induction ceremony as the Chief Guest and was honoured for his contribution to the development of cricket in the US.

Michael Chambers the chairman of US Cricket Hall of Fame paid glowing tributes to the man dubbed ‘Mr. Cricket’ in the US. According to Chambers :”Qureshi is a real friend of cricket and has done sterling work in his capacity as a cricket administrator. He has worked tirelessly for the sport over the years and it gives us great honour to have him attend our function.”

Qureshi was the toast of the event and was even a sponsor in order to make it a reality. Upon receiving his award, he said :”Receiving awards for my work in cricket is all well and good and I appreciate the gesture but what I want to see is that cricket in Connecticut where you guys are based, moved
from strength to strength. We are happy to be associated with this event and I pledge my continued support.

CCUSA is on board and I want to urge you all to join together with Michael and his group to make things even better up here.

“We have a golden opportunity to develop the game. God has entrusted us with that responsibility and we must answer the call. I want to see many more teams playing at the top level in Connecticut and I want a full strength team to come to Florida to play in the US Open T20 tournament.

“I am going to assist as much as I can to take the cricket to another level here because you have some great guys involved and once they move in a certain direction they will see the results. We must put aside all the problems in US cricket and put the game first.”

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